RGB Lasersystems is now RGB Photonics

Our company was started in 2000 with the ambition to create a new generation of miniaturized high-end laser systems for science and industry.

Since then it has established itself internationally as a company for outstanding photonic technologies. Today we offer a large variety of products and solutions for light creation and detection.

To express this widening of our product range, we changed our company name to RGB Photonics.

Products & Solutions

15 years of laser and spectroscopy integration







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OEM Custom Design

Our specialty is integration: with 15 years of experience in creating miniaturized laser modules and spectrometers, we design and produce photonic systems with extraordinary compact designs and high-end technical features.

The driving force behind our success is the desire to create products that not only take full advantage of today‘s technologies, but also push the limits of miniaturization in photonics even further.

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Service & Applications


Our dedicated engineering and production teams include highly qualified experts from all relevant fields working closely with our OEM partners in order to provide outstanding photonic solutions.


Our products are being used in a large range of different applications. Whatever your product is, if it requires precise creation and detection of light, RGB Photonics is your partner for leading photonics.

  • Light analysis
  • Chemical research
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Forensic analysis
  • System integration
  • Process control and monitoring