The highly integrated RGB Photonics laser series Lambda Beam and Lambda Mini targets the field of sophisticated analysis methods in cost and size sensitive environments

Lambda Beam

Compact laser module without compromises in terms of wavelength or optical output power. Perfectly matching the demand for industrial integration and scientific applications.

Key features:

  • Output powers up to 1 W
  • High beam quality and stability
  • Broad selection of wavelengths, fine-tunable
  • Modulation up to 1.5 MHz
  • Temperature-stabilized
  • Long lifetime



The Lambda Beam (formerly NovaPro) series of compact laser modules is the ideal laser light source for most scientific applications as well as industrial integration. It is available for a large range of wavelengths between 375 and 1064 nm and output powers up to 1000 mW. Each Lambda Beam laser features active temperature control for stability, precision optics for excellent beam quality and analog and digital modulation up to 1.5 MHz. The flexibility of the Lambda Beam series is further increased by a large choice of available options such as round beam correction, water cooling, diode selection, high linear polarization and various control interfaces. The Lambda Beam is also available as a fiber coupled system that includes a factory-aligned single-mode fiber coupler and a 2 m heavy-duty optical fiber.

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