The highly integrated RGB Photonics laser series Lambda Beam and Lambda Mini targets the field of sophisticated analysis methods in cost and size sensitive environments

Lambda Mini

Miniaturized laser module complete with controller and USB power supply in an incredibly small package.

Key features:

  • Incredibly small yet fully featured
  • Output powers up to 100 mW
  • Powered via USB: no extra power adapter or cable required
  • excellent value for money



It‘s the world‘s smallest complete laser module: in an amazingly small design, the Lambda Mini (formerly MiniLas) includes not only the laser diode and precision collimating optics, but also the laser controller and power supply via USB. All you need for operating and controlling the laser is a simple USB cable connected to your computer. Its compact size makes the Lambda Mini a perfect choice as a precision light source for space-limited applications. It is available with a pigtailed fiber as well as free beam optical output.

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