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Products & Solutions

15 years of laser and spectroscopy integration


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Customized Laser OEM solutions

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Broadcom Inc. has acquired spectrometer business

RGB-Photonics is pleased to announce that Broadcom Inc. has acquired the complete spectrometer business from RGB-Photonics. Effective as of today please contact Carina Buechl ( for product related topics.

Need a custom design or solution?

We would be pleased to offer you fast and detailed optics, electronics, mechanics and software solutions.

OEM Custom Design

Integration is our speciality. With 15 years of experience in creating miniaturized laser modules and spectrometers, we design, develop and manufacture photonics systems with extraordinary compact designs and high-end technical features.

One of our major design goals is to offer our customers OEM solutions with a extraordinary high value to price ratio.

The driving force behind our success is the passion to create products that not only take full advantage of today´s technologies, but also push the limits of miniaturization in photonics even further.

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Service & Applications


Our products are being used in a large range of different applications. Whatever your product is, if it requires precise creation and detection of light, RGB Photonics is your partner for leading photonics.

  • RAMAN excitations
  • OEM / System Integration
  • Research & Education
  • Light- / Product- / Material Analysis
  • Process Control & Monitoring
  • Anti – Counterfeiting Protection
  • Bio- / Medical Applications


Our dedicated engineering and production teams include highly qualified experts from all relevant fields working closely together with our OEM partners in order to provide outstanding photonic solutions.

RGB Photonics goes EAST – our way to China!

RGB Photonics GmbH planned the market consolidation in China through financial support from ERDF funds through the foreign economic center of Bavaria.

Starting in August 2015, we begun with the targeted search and construction of a competent partner on site. RGB supported the partner in marketing and sales with publications, mailings and regular communication via video conferencing or on-site visits to sell our high-tech products “made in Bavaria” also in China.We also planned furthermore first trade fair appearances in China. All activities are supported by competent and trustworthy interpreting.

Going international was a successful story for RGB Photonics and is continued by RGB Lasersystems.


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