Visions Become Reality

Our specialty is integration: With over 15 years of experience in creating miniaturized laser modules and spectrometers, we design and produce photonic systems with extraordinary compact designs and high-end technical features. The driving force behind our success is the desire to create products that not only take full advantage of today‘s technologies, but also push the limits of miniaturization in photonics even further.

For us, the first 15 years of developing miniaturized lasers and spectrometers were very exciting. Watching the growing trend towards mobile devices, we are fascinated by the sheer endless possibilities that miniaturized photonics open up for portable analysis devices. Thanks to these developments, many measurement techniques that used to require large laboratory setups can now be implemented in a small handheld device.

In 2018 Broadcom Inc. acquired the spectrometer unit and is now doing business based on RGB’s Know How and technologies.

RGB Lasersystems GmbH 2020 offers a wide variety of laser modules suitable for a large range of applications. Our lasers feature excellent beam quality and wavelength stability, exceptional reliability and an impressive cost/performance ratio. The laser systems offer technical characteristics that you would normally expect only in much larger devices. This expertise puts us in the unique position to offer custom-designed laser solutions for customers all over the world.

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Our ambition is to push the limits of miniaturization, to establish new technologies, to design without compromise in order to create a new generation of photonics for science and industry

Mathias Reichl
CEO and founder
RGB Photonics

We continue the proven laser business of RGB Photonics and supplement it with customer-specific laser solutions. Smart. Small. Customzied.

Stefan Englbrecht
CEO and founder
RGB Lasersystems

RGB Photonics GmbH
& RGB Lasersystems GmbH

  • Based in Kelheim, Southern Germany
  • 350 m² lab and production
  • Global customer and distributors
  • Company started in 2000
  • 2005: First diode laser module
  • 2007: NovaPro and OptaPro lasers
  • 2008: Spectrometer division
  • 2011: Introduction of Qwave
  • 2012: Qmini and Qstick
  • 2016: Releasing Qmini 2
  • 2016: Qred NIR spectrometer 900 – 1700 nm
  • 2017: Qred NIR spectrometer 900 – 2500 nm
  • 2018: Broadcom Inc. acquired spectrometer business
  • 2020: Reorganization of laser business in RGB Lasersystems