Mobile NIR spectroscopy up to 2.5 µm

Ultra compact near infrared spectrometer Qred with fanless TEC cooled InGaAs CCD sensor for the spectral range between 900 nm and 2500 nm released

The new Qred spectrometer is designed and developed to enable NIR spectroscopy in mobile applications, where established technologies such as monochromators and spectrophotometers are unable to meet the form factor, electrical and mechanical requirements. In mobile applications there is no space nor it makes sense to use devices with TEC and fan cooled image sensors. RGB addressed this subject by developing a sophisticated heat distribution to the mechanically decoupled hence thermally stable baseplate which has a footprint smaller than a credit card.

In contrast to established NIR Fabry-Perot-Interferometer the Qred uses a Czerny-Turner approach based on fixed surface mirrors, reflective grating and an InGaAs CCD sensor that offers high light throughput, sensitivity and readout speed. Furthermore there is no reduced electronics functionality or connectivity which usually comes with miniaturized solutions. The Qred offers the same connectivity and electronic features known from the Qmini 2:


  • Spectra processing steps performed completely on the device
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed communication
  • Integration times down to 3 µs
  • Fast spectrum series function
  • On-device spectra storage


  • USB Type-C connector 
  • 30-pin auxiliary connector including communication protocols on demand:
    • UART
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • CAN
  • 10-bit digital-to-analoge and analoge-to-digital converter
  • 4 x low latency trigger input/output

Optical performance

  • Guaranteed spectral resolution over the range between 900 nm and 1700 nm 
    • 8 nm FWHM by using 265 pixel sensor
    • 4 nm FWHM by using 512 pixel sensor
  • Wavelength ranges up to 2.5 µm on request
  • Fanless TEC-cooled InGaAs CCD
  • Selectable high and low gain modus