OEM Custom design

Recent projects include:

  • Counterfeit detection
  • Meat quality analysis
  • Water quality measurement
  • Chemical analysis
  • DNA profiling
  • Process control
  • Light analysis


  • Optics
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Mechanics
  • Production
  • Quality assurance

RGB Photonics designs and produces a large variety of custom-designed photonic devices ranging from individual components to handheld analysis devices. Our integrated analysis and detection systems are based on our experience and research in miniaturizing photonic devices and represent the symbiosis of our laser and spectroscopy systems. They specifically address the general trend and market demand for compact portable analysis devices.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and possible solutions. We are strongly committed to a close cooperation with our OEM partners to provide flexible, reliable and cost-efficient solutions.

Our products are being used in a large range of different applications.

Inline Sensor

Automated fluorescence spectrometer for process control and quality check in industrial production lines

The Inline Sensor is a complete fluorescence spectroscopy system based on the Qwave spectrometer. It is used in production lines to control and monitor material concentrations. The device includes an excitation light source, optical filters, a beam splitter and I/O ports for communication with other test equipment.


Miniature optical spectrometer bench for OEM integration

The MiniBench is the smallest high resolution optical spectrometer bench on the market. It delivers technical specifications that are unprecedented at this size. The miniaturized design enables tight integration in applications where space is limited. Designed for OEM integration and high volume production, the MiniBench is available in different standard configurations and can be adapted to customer‘s specifications

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