All our spectrometers include Waves, the smartest general-purpose spectroscopy software on the planet. Waves not only features unique sophisticated algorithms for data acquisition and evaluation, it also provides these features through a clear and straightforward user interface that‘s designed to make things easy.

Its features include dynamic exposure control with dark spectrum interpolation, dynamic peak finder, transmission and absorption spectroscopy, managing series of spectra, file import and export, comprehensive tools for displaying and analyzing spectra, colorimetry and „strip charts“ for comparing characteristics values between multiple spectra.



Each laser includes the laser control software Ltune to monitor and control all operating parameters from a PC.

Typical laser monitoring and control parameters are optical output power, laser temperature, keylock- interlock- & emission indication and current status of the device. Furthermore Ltune offers the possibility to choose between various modulation modes.


Software Development Kit

A software development kit (SDK) is also available to control the device and take spectra from your own software. It consists of a Windows DLL library for the .NET framework, documentation and sample code.

The library should be used with any programming language that can use .NET DLLs, including C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++, Delphi, LabVIEW, Matlab and Mathematica. It supports all device features including recalibration. You can find this library and all supporting files in the RgbDriverKit folder.

Alternatively, the device may also be directly controlled from an embedded microcontroller or other operating systems using the device communication protocol:

  • Devices with USB Type-C connector, please see the documentation and sample code in the NioLink folder.
  • Using older devices equipped with Mini-USB connector please have a look at the ShortLink folder.