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You can find PDF versions of all product manuals on the Downloads page. Most of those manuals also include a "troubleshooting" chapter with answers to frequently asked questions. If you have questions about the capabilities and specifications of our products, please check the Product Datasheets.


The latest versions of the application software and drivers can also be found on the Downloads page. Occasionally, there is both a "stable" version and a "beta" version. The latter includes the latest features and generally works well, but has not been tested as thoroughly as the "stable" version.

The Software - Development Kit (SDK) can be used to control the devices from your own software. It includes a Windows .NET DLL, sample code and documentation. Alternatively, our laser modules can also be directly controlled by sending commands via a Virtual COM port (as described in the user manual).


If you have any further questions about the use and operation of our products,
please send an e-mail to our support staff at